Visiting Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort area is located high above The Vagabond Lodge (click Vagabond Bed and Breakfast for my story with video and pictures).

While in Kicking Horse I experienced the and thankfully, that safe. I learned a good deal about the grizzly bear while on the 90-minute tour…for one, they only reach 600-800lbs in the lower part of North America due to their mostly vegetarian diet. In contrast, the Alaskan Grizzly can reach over 1200lbs due to its higher protein diet of fresh salmon.

After the Grizzly Bear Refuge, I made my way to the top of Kicking Horse Mountain, where I was greeted by the splendor of two converging mountain ranges (the Canadian Rockies and the Cascades) and 360 degrees of unobstructed, awe-inspiring beauty. At Just over 8000 feet in elevation, the trek to the top of Kicking Horse is a whopping,11,266 feet via the Golden Eagle Express Gondola, an 8 passenger cabin. I was there in the summer, I can only imagine how much fun this must be to ski down.

When you get to the top of Kicking Horse, there are three things to do…in the summer you either mountain bike ride down (which looks like a blast as you’ll see in the video) or you relax for a culinary delight at the Eagle’s Eye restaurant. For those really special occasions, I’m told they have limited, first-class lodging accommodations. In addition, they also cater weddings there—which would be an amazingly romantic place to get married…high in the heavens that is.

During my stay in Kicking Horse I tried a couple of restaurants, one I would certainly recommend is “Corks” which just happens to be a couple lodges down from the Vagabond, where I stayed. The food at Corks is outstanding and the atmosphere is also quite nice. During the summer months they have a lovely patio in which to enjoy. The other place I tried was called, “Local Hero” a Scottish style pub…this place I would NOT recommend. The service was horrific and the food was not much better.

While in the Kicking Horse area, there is so much to see and do…of course there is the skiing and water-rafting, but there are also tons of hiking trails; lakes, rivers and streams to fish. For the adventurous type…how about Heli_Paragliding or mountain bike riding down the expansive mountain trail?

Kicking Horse is a newer resort town that has not yet been discovered by the masses, so if you want shorter lift lines and enjoy a more tranquil setting, you’ll appreciate this majestic area.

Click the following link to see some of my pictures of Kicking Horse.

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