Visiting Vicksburg soon

Last year I did an amazing road trip through Delta Mississippi, along Highway 61, which is also known as the “Blues Trail.” One could argue that Highway 61 rivals Route 66, certainly for its musical significance. This year I’m traveling a bit farther south and deeper into the Delta, to visit Vicksburg.

From what I’ve read, Vicksburg has sweeping views of the Mississippi River, blended with Southern charm and heritage. History runs deep in these parts and I can wait to experience it for myself.

Courtesy of Vicksburg CVB
Courtesy of Vicksburg CVB

If you’ve ever been to Vicksburg, Mississippi, please leave a comment below and share a few things I shouldn’t miss.


Mike Shubic

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting Vicksburg. We think it is pretty special. I am glad the Amelia’s were blooming. It was a pretty week for you. Glad you hit up Main Street Market Cafe for lunch on Friday.

    1. Hey Sally…thanks for stopping by! Oh, I had a fantastic time in Vicksburg. And yes, the weather was spectacular. 🙂 Please stop back for all of my coverage on Vicksburg…video(s) too. Cheers, Mike

  2. Mike,Please drop by and see me while you are in Vicksburg! Our studio is right downtown! 801 Clay Street Suite 3 in The Vicksburg. It’s the tallest building in town so it’s easy to find.

    1. Hey Tommy! I’m so sorry that I missed you. I left Vicksburg on the 2nd and didn’t get your message in time. There is a good chance I’ll be there again soon, and if so, I’ll be sure to stop by. Please stay tuned for all of my Vicksburg coverage and video(s). Cheers, Mike

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