You NeedBe Goin’ to WeeBee’s in Bozeman

Today’s restaurant landscape is made up of a sea of franchise concepts, which might be great for consistency, but not for creative uniqueness.  I will admit, there are a number of franchise eateries I enjoy out there, but there just isn’t anything more enjoyable than a first-rate local restaurant.

While in Bozeman, MT I had the tremendous pleasure of dining at WeeBee’s Café, an establishment that encompasses all aspects of a quality dining experience. The enormous, attention-grabbing architectural building will beckon your curiosity.  Once inside, you’re greeted with contemporary delight—the décor is modern with a casual and comfortable feel.

The menu at WeeBee’s is creative and fresh, with an international flair—one of the dishes we thoroughly enjoyed was the Indian Spinach Curry.  All menu items are made from scratch using as much locally grown and farmed raised goods they can find.  Each dish is artistically arranged and presented, which will induce a mouth-watering reaction.

There are three dining areas, the main floor, the second floor and the upper deck(s)/patio, which I imagine offer amazing views of the valley during the more temperate periods of the year (I was there in the winter).

The wine list is extensive, as is the large variety of imported and tap beers.  I particularly enjoy the “flights,” available in both wine and beer—the beer flight is made up of all local breweries.

The desserts at WeeBee’s will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth, especially the homemade Gelato.  We also tried the chocolate platter which allows you to sample a variety of goodies, including chocolate covered bacon…which I have to say I was not a fan of. 🙂 The Apple Blitz was also outstanding, although it was a bit meager.

Overall, WeeBee’s Café is very impressive and fires on all cylinders…my only slight critique would be that our server was a bit ill prepared with his knowledge of the menu and the various ingredients…all-in-all it was an outstanding experience.

It’s always exciting in life when your expectations are exceeded…that’s what I found when I was in Bozeman, MT and discovered WeeBee’s Cafe. Click the following link for more of my pictures from WeeBee’s Cafe in Bozeman, Montana.

If you’re not already convinced to visit WeeBee’s…check out their commercials below…

Mike Shubic

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  1. Excellent food. I highly recommend the Blue Cheese Burger and Thai crab cakes at WeeBees. The chocolate covered bacon is a very unique experience that actually works. Think salt and chocolate.

    Overall a must eat in Bozeman.

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