Where did we Meet?

I meet a lot of cool people on the road…some for just a moment, others I get to have lovely conversations with.  This section of Mike’s Road Trip will let you tell my followers and me where we met so that I can remember you through this journey.   Please post a comment below and say as little or as much as you like about where we met.  It could be as simple as your name, hometown and location where we met…I’ll leave it up to you.

I look forward to hearing from you…

Mike Shubic

Mike Shubic is a seasoned road trip travel video blogger, traversing the byways of the world looking for those hidden gems of the road. From unique destinations, unexpected discoveries, creative cuisine, intriguing inns to exciting attractions…the road is his page. The experiences are his ink. And every 300 miles, a new chapter begins. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.


  1. I met Mike by kicking his butt all over the racquetball court at the LA Fitness racquetball league (at least thats how I remember it). Love your site Mike, I’m kinda jealous of your adventure. What a great experience you will remember for a lifetime! (Mesa, AZ)

  2. I met Mike (the cute guy with the beautiful blue eyes) when I was working at the Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau and he was working at a new start-up online firm (can’t remember the name). We developed a cool little marketing project together and what I remember most was how totally awesome Mike was to work with. When he set a deadline, he met it right on. His work ethic and friendly, enthusiastic style was a rare find. (Scottsdale, AZ)

  3. I met Mike in Ad2 Phoenix where our common interest in advertising lead to other common interests: innovation to travel to outdoor sports to economic and political theory. I will always remember you tirelessly casting for a fish for hours without success, only to hand the rod over to me. As I made my first (and only) cast, I said, “You just need to cast right there.” Of coarse, the cast resulted in a catch.

    You made up by tearing me up on the racquetball court. Skiing was always a tight race.

  4. I met Mike when I moved to Arizona, and he lived across the street. I sure do miss bouncing ideas back and forth, Throwing a Frisbee or football back and forth in the street, the occasional cup of coffee in the morning, and of course the chess matches. Pretty sure I am way ahead on win/loss stats. 🙂 I really do enjoy following your travels and I know that many others must as well.
    Here’s to hoping Al Roker gives you a call soon to appear on the Today show!

  5. I met Mike in November 2009 when he was kind enough to let me stay at his house with a mutual friend of ours. He made us an amazing dinner . . . and an amazing breakfast. Oh, and there was stuff in between. 😉 (Los Angeles, CA)

  6. I’ve known Shubic twice. Once from the old days when we were in AD2 and then again when we reconnected during his Segway project (we even hired him to teach people how they worked and we let them ride in the parking lot). Mike’s also the best cook I know. He’s an active guy for sure so this little excursion in his life is perfect. I know he’s having fun just being. That’s cool.

  7. I met Mike, not exactly on a road trip. We met in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2008. The path was fairly undeveloped. Our vehicle was an elephant.

  8. We’ve known Mike for 6 or 7 years, every since he moved into our neighborhood in Az. He has been an awesome and fun neighbor to have around. Sure miss your cooking, great sense of humor, and intellectual conversation. Hope your having a great adventure Mike!

  9. Vonda (posted July 18) introduced me to Mike. We met in Mesa at Paradise Bakery in Nov. 2008. I can echo what everyone else has said: he’s an amazing cook, a great racquetball player, savvy at chess, friendly, innovative, fun, gorgeous blue eyes, interesting, smart…and I could tell you more, but that wouldn’t be very polite.
    Glad you’re having such a great adventure! I wish you the best of the best! XO

  10. We originally met at an Ad 2 Phoenix meeting, but too many national conferences and random happy hours have obscured the details.

    Most recently, we met at Lake Louise in the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.

    Enjoy the Road Trip!! Hope to see you again soon. (I’m also a bit bummed you aren’t doing the trip via Segway)

    1. Hey Mr. Baer! Thanks for logging in. Ad 2 is the default answer…I actually believe it was you who turned me on to Ad 2 when I was calling on you at Internet Direct. I could be wrong though, but that strikes a cord. It’s funny you mention Segway….when I was involved with that venture I had planned to ride across the country—was hoping to be the first. It was going to be called, “Segway 3000.”

  11. I met The Shub (a.k.a Mike) many years ago in AD 2 – Advertising and Marketing Club. He had a few of his committee meetings at his home. There I discovered – not only is he a great leader and creative thinker – he is a terrific host, fabulous cook and super furniture-maker. What can’t he do? 🙂 Luckily we kept in touch after all these years. I wish him the all the best in his new adventure!

    (Scottsdale, AZ)

  12. I met Mike AKA “Mr. Marketing” at a local printer in Apache Junction AZ – he overheard my conversation looking for some graphic design help. It didn’t take Mike long to introduce himself to me (in the parking lot…That’s Initiative My Friends!) – then it was history – Mike and Shubic Website Design & Marketing became a Webtise USA’s premium vendor for website design, development and marketing! We’ve worked on many projects and planning on working on more. Oh yeah – I’d also like to see a Mike’s Road Trip segment via Segway! Enjoy!

  13. Me, Mike and the “Fab 5” go way back, all the way to high school. I recently caught up with him on a family trip to Seattle and it was great seeing him and hanging out for day. The Martha Stewart dinner was amazing!

  14. I met Mike through a mutual friend in AZ…he was the neighbor two doors down and man was he “hot”. Beautiful eyes, a dashing smile and so much energy. Always enjoyed seeing him went I visited AZ. Mike, I hope your journeys take you far and you enjoy every minute of them…Good luck.
    Kim from Tennessee…

  15. Hey there Mike!
    We met at Glacier Mountain Lodge, probably one of the newest businesses that you stayed at. You went to SDSU and so we had that in common and really that’s all I need. I probably talked your ear off, which I am very good at. My only wish is that you could have stayed at our place AFTER we finished our first wedding, ever. Still the same, it was great to have you there and have someone expose the hidden beauty of Montana. Some many places, so little time. Now, I want you to know that if you need someone to carry equipment for you in the Bahamas, I can clear my schedule. LOL. Until next time, Good luck in your travels and I hope that you get the recognition that you deserve for your passion for travel and finding all those hidden gems.

  16. I’ve known Mike for too long to remember when we met. Could have been in high school when he hung out with my future husband to be, or at the infamous Burger King where all the “cool kids” worked (LOL). At any rate, Mike is a great friend who I’ve known for more than half my life and was even one of the groomsmen at our wedding.

  17. Hi Mike,

    When we met in Prague many years ago, you changed my life more than you can imagine…thank you! I wish for everyone to have the same great feeling when they meet you on Mike’s Road Trip.

    All the Best,

  18. Hi Mike,

    Wow…I met you in the early 90’s when you were a twiggy bristly haired 20 something year old bartending at the Fish Market on Camelback in sunny Phoenix AZ. I knew right away we’d be friends when you said, “I play racquetball too” and you totally assumed you’d kick my ass. I loved that about you. Well, I would say back then I took your money but over that next year you really beat me down with your obnoxious energy levels…a fat guy like me can’t keep up with someone like you!

    And here we are nearly 20 years later still getting a game every now and then, huh?

    I have known you through your furniture making business, your website deal that was going to take over Internet Explorer…man you always had some cool careers!

    I especially like your current career…touring the country. I love it. I would have never thought you were capable of this, you city boy, but you have really opened my eyes to who you are, my man.

    You have been a great friend from day one and have always been honorable…honest and true, my man! I love you brother and hope the best for your travels. And I love your videos…you had me looking up knives on the internet and I don’t even care for them!!!

    take care!


    1. Hey Justy, thanks for the post! Can you believe it’s been so long since the “fish” days? We’ve sure had some racquetball battles over the years, huh. What you lack in speed you make up with power and strategic shots! I’ve always loved playing with ya. Thanks so much for the kudos, really appreciate it. Hopefully we’ll be able to hit the courts this winter if I’m in town. All best my friend!

  19. Hi Mike

    I met Mike back in 1983 at the Burger King (Hayden and Mountain View in Scottsdale I think my employee of the month name is still on the wall lol) we both worked at, we have been lifelong friends along with the fab5 and have had many adventures together through the years. I can’t remember the exact moment or what we did to become friends but I think it involved a trip down the Salt River. I seem to remember Mike and I made over 20 trips down the river until our inflatable raft popped that summer.
    Mike, I’m surprised Al Roker didn’t call the cops for being stocked by a crazy man with a camera and brief case chasing him (lol). Also now that I think about it I have been fishing with Mike quite a few times on the Mogollon Rim and I don’t think I have ever seen him catch a fish either. I love Mike’s Road Trip you seem like you are having a great time…keep in touch.


    1. The ol’ BK days…I remember them like they were yesterday. 🙂 Damn, where did the last 20+ years go? So many good times through the years, I have countless fond memories. No one could ask for a better friend, you’ve always been there for me through good and bad times. When it comes to fishy fish, you’re right…not much luck. Fortunately I’ve fared better with the other kind of fish in the sea. 🙂 Thanks for the post and for your friendship…I love ya man!

  20. Wow, Mike and I became real good friends at Swensen’s Restaurant Scottsdale & Shea when I taught him how to cook. Kidding, all the cooking was going on with the ladies at the ice cream bar! Man oh man, all good times. I haven’t seen you in forever…how long? Travel safe Brother Mike!

    1. Hey Slade! What a welcome blast-from-the-past! Well, I have to say…your “cooking” lessons certainly paid off as I’ve become quite proficient. 🙂 A lot of good times! It’s been forever…I look forward to catching up the next time I’m in town. Thanks for the well wishes. Cheers!

  21. I met Mike at Ad 2 Phoenix, an advertising club for young professionals 32 and younger. Wow, where did all the time go!?? I believe I was 25 or 26 at the time and will be 41 this November.

    I have been on numerous hiking excursions with Mike and his friends, including a very memorable hike inside the Grand Canyon for a couple of days. An awesome experience!

    I am really enjoying the Mike’s Road Trip site. Love all the cool photos and videos. I need to break out of my comfort zone in life and start doing some more adventerous excursions again. Any ideas Mike!?


  22. I met Mike while hiking at Sol Duc Falls in Washington State. Mike and Ronda were headed for the Falls and I was making the loop the other way. I often meet friendly folk on the trail, but Mike and Ronda were special. I hope to see Mike around Port Townsend, my home base.

  23. Hey Mike,

    Was nice to meet you in Mendocino at the Brewery Gulch Inn (Dec 13-14). Great to see someone following their passions of travel and sharing that experience in your site. There’s definitely potential in what you are doing here. Wishing you good luck in your endeavors.

    Take care,
    Cheung from San Jose

    1. Thank you so much Cheung…for both the thoughtful words and for your post comment! I had a great time meeting you as well…wish we would have had a bit more time to chat…I love discussing technology, etc. 🙂 If you ever have any ideas, or thought on my “potential,” please let me know. 🙂

      Thanks again. All the best!


  24. Mike, we met when you contacted us about visiting our eco-salvaged redwood inn in Mendocino, California. I remember an email from you as you were on your way down the Northwest Coast to tell me that you ran into a couple in Canon Beach, Oregon who, upon hearing you were going through Mendocino, said you absolutely needed to stay at the Brewery Gulch Inn and you told them that was where you were already headed:) Small world. You have no idea how much we had to pay that couple and how hard it was to coordinate their drive so they could randomly run into you!

  25. Mike… I LOVE it… you have managed to Turn SOOOO many Strangers to Friends! Now, if only your journey could follow HOW all of these connections continued to help the both of you in life- now THAT would be quite a trip! 😉 Keep paving the planet, spreading smiles and loving life!

    1. Hey Carlyn, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such kind words. Yeah, that’s a good idea ya have there! I continue to try and explore ideas where I can interact with those I meet along the way. Thanks again…hope our paths cross one day. All the best!

  26. Hey Mike! This is Jen from the Vee Bar. Just thought I would see if you made it up to Bozeman or not!?!? Hope the trip is going well.

  27. hi Mike,
    Just met you here at G Washington Inn.It was fun talking to you and hearing of your plans. If you come to Charleston, or Seabrook Island,SC, look us up.
    sue and Mark. (mad man) Zizzamia

  28. Hi Mike, We met at a hot air balloon ride in Indio, CA on Pearl Harbor Day, 2011. Our pilot Will made a pin point landing in a freshly plowed(i.e, soft) field at the Thermal Airport. We enjoyed sharing our adventure with you. Good luck and Happy Traveling. Gary and Margaret

  29. Hey Mike,
    It was nice meeting you the other night at Mark & Stacy’s cocktail party in San Diego. Both Lynn and I enjoyed conversing with you, as well as others at the party, about all of your travel adventures and your plans over the next few months to expand mikesroadtrip. If you get to the San Diego area again, drop us a line and let’s grab a pint. Cheers, Dave & Lynn

    1. Hey Dave…it was a pleasure meeting you and Lynn as well! I had a great time at the party. Thanks so much for stopping by the site and I hope to take ya up on the “pint” one of these days. Cheers, Mike

  30. Mike,

    We met at the top of the CN Tower and on my full day tour of the future Rouge National Urban Park at TBEX in Toronto. Your Discovery pass is on its way and safe travels!!!

    Parks Canada
    Travel Media Relations

    1. Hey Guy, thanks so much for stopping by and posting. It was great to meet you and I thank you so much for the “Discovery Pass…” I look forward to using it over my next two month in eastern Canada. I also look forward to keeping in touch. Hope you enjoyed TBEX. Cheers, Mike

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