Wonderful Indonesia is my next trip

I am so excited for my next trip, I’m heading on a trip of wonders to Wonderful Indonesia in Southeast Asia. I’m flying into Jakarta where I’ll spend my first few days. Then, I’ll be visiting Bandung, well known for it’s stunning landscape, culinary scene and shopping. I may have to pick up a few Christmas gifts for friends and family back home. My next stop will be to Jogjakarata where I’ll visit places like the Yogykarta Palace, a meticulously planned venue that was once a royal residence. I’ll also visit one of the most exotic Hindu temples known as Prambanan. The next stop on this trip will be to Raja Ampat for some underwater beauty as I strap on a snorkel and mask. While I’m not PADI certified, I’m hoping that perhaps I can get a recreational dive certificate. The next to last stop will be to Lombok, where the surfing is supposed to be excellent. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a board, but fingers crossed, it will be like riding a bike.

Bali, Indonesia

My final stop on this trip of wonders will be to Bali, said to be the most beautiful place in all of Indonesia. Here I’m looking forward to some R&R. I just want to relax on the beach, perhaps get a massage and bask in the sanctuary of a top-notch resort.

Have you ever been to Indonesia? If so and you’ve been to any of the places I’ve listed, I’d love to hear any tips or suggestions you might have by leaving a comment below. Click the following link if you’d like a chance at winning your own Trip of Wonders.



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