mike-shubicMike’s Road Trip is about discovering those hidden gems of the road and sharing them with other adventurous and discerning travelers. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.

The road is the page. The experiences are the ink. Next chapter begins in 300 miles.

“I’ll never forget the time I veered down a dirt road for a dozen or so miles, ending up at “Bodie,”an extraordinarily well-preserved ghost town.  Or when I went fly-fishing on a rural ranch in Montana that featured a luxurious B&B nestled among acres of rolling hills.  I also recall driving through a majestic valley in remote Colorado and was befuddled to find Gateway Canyons, a resort that typifies luxury and outdoor adventure.  While the visual magnitude of western Colorado is difficult to top, the edibles that teased my palate in the small town of Chalottesville, VA certainly satisfied my quest for amazing cuisine. In pursuit of fun activities, I searched high and low in San Diego to find the ‘one thing‘ that folks must do.”

Road Trips
can provide some of the most unexpected discoveries…including awe-inspiring sights, creative cuisine, exciting attractions and adventurous activities that blend together to establish memories lasting a lifetime.

Come along for the ride…experience the adventure of discovery…

Launched in early 2010, Mike’s Road Trip began by chronicling the journey of a man who lost his house, sold everything, packed up his Ford F-150 and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime—to seek new opportunities, to boldly follow a road of uncertainty. Six months later, GotSaga named Mike’s Road Trip the best “Travel Tips” blog for 2010…many accolades have since followed.

Today, in addition to providing readers with compelling content, Mike’s Road Trip provides affordable, experiential online video production and content marketing services. Clients can use the video produced by Mike’s Road Trip on their own websites as well as their social media network.   “While video is extremely popular today, from a marketing perspective, it’s still in its infancy. Beyond the website, video is going to be the single greatest marketing asset a business can create,” says Mike, a seasoned marketer.

Mike on a sketchy bridge in the jungles of northern Thailand

Follow Mike as he travels to state and national parks, backpacks through the wilderness, fishes remote rivers, dines at unique and eclectic restaurants, stays in quaint hotels and hospitable bed-and-breakfasts.  See where the journey may take him, everyday is a new adventure.  Interact with Mike daily to see where he might be next, or, where you’d like to see him go.

Mike has taken the lemons of life and has created an opportunity—an opportunity to meld his passions and interests with his marketing/web skills.  All the while helping to promote businesses, communities and destinations in this time of need. Change is inherently difficult, but if we don’t accept that change is inevitable and do our best to manage it, we will be doomed to a life of mediocrity.

“I find travel to be nourishment for the soul,” says Mike.  Mike has traveled all over Europe, S.E. Asia, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the States, meeting interesting people, staying and eating in cool and eclectic places along the way. “Travel, eating, cooking and adventure are just a few of my passions, so I thought…maybe there is a way that I can combine them to create a unique opportunity for myself…and Mike’s Road Trip.com was born.”  Experience the Journey…

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